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The SpiritRise
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Refugees Making A Difference

The SpiritRise SongLeader Library is a win-win-win... benefiting your organization, your congregants, and the Refugee Film School.
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I’m Kim-Char Meredith and I would love to be your ‘virtual’ song leader. I invite you to consider using pre-recorded SongLeader Videos during your services. Learn more below!

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Click on the video above to view an example SongLeader Video.


SongLeader Videos are for ministers and organizations, for those times when…

• Your regular musician is out
• Your song leader position has yet to be filled
• You want additional music content to supplement all you already offer during services/events

They learn and earn an INCOME by EDITING our SONGLEADER VIDEOS

My production company, MPAKT Music/Pahzee Digital, mentors and works directly with the students at the Refugee Film School in Kuala Lumpur, teaching them video editing while they earn money. I have personally been working with Omid, a refugee from Afghanistan, who is editing videos for me for my project, The 12 Powers Club. When you join the SongLeader Video Library, you help Omid, Ali, Khojesta and others develop marketable skills and earn money to help their families in practical, powerful ways. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!!!


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Meet the students! Click the video above to watch our short story.


Videos feature: 

• A ‘live’ feel
• An engaged, Spirit-centered song leader to guide in-person and livestream participants
• Positive, affirming songs appropriate for new thought congregations and groups
• Animated lyrics on screen
• Layered vocals to encourage sing-alongs
• A balanced library of up-tempo, mid-tempo and slow songs

Become a library member by sponsoring the production of one video for $175 – then have access to a collection of videos featuring new thought congregational songs, each led by a song leader. 

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So, how does it work you may ask…

or perhaps you’re thinking “JUST SIGN ME UP ALREADY!”


• You join the SongLeader Video Library by sponsoring the production of ONE SongLeader video (at this time $175) 
• You receive access to the ENTIRE video library! The more who join/sponsor a video, the larger our library grows! 
• You are granted a License to use all the SongLeader Videos (even those yet to be added) and your organization’s license does not expire.


Download the FREE SpiritRise Songbook here!

THE LIBRARY will become available starting October 25, 2021

The library contents are immediately available to you. Additions to the Library will be made as more people join! You can expect another video to show up in a few weeks after you join.

USAGE: Videos can be broadcast by your church or organization at in-person gatherings and they also may be used in livestream services, zoom gatherings, and in similar offline and online communal events presented by you/your organization. Your broadcast license does not expire.

License is not transferrable.
Videos are intended to be used within a broader program – that is, you/your organization cannot post a SongLeader video on a website or social media on its own (song video must be presented in the context of a full program or service). Videos remain fully owned by MPAKT Music & Media LLC/Pahzee Digital. 


Note: While license to use Library videos is granted, please know your organization should also have an emPower Music License ( which provides performance royalties to the songwriters for their songs. Thank you for supporting positive music!

*To create a video featuring a song written by someone other than myself requires that I secure a ‘synchronization license’. I will be reaching out to some of our favorite new thought writers. Please know that if you make a specific request for a song by a particular writer and they choose not to grant a synchronization license (or the licensing fee requested would be prohibitive), we will contact you to select a different song.

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ABOUT ME: I joyfully lead congregational singing at Unity in Naperville (Rev. Kitty Benson), and for the past 14 years I have served there in various capacities; I am currently Music & Creative Director. About SpiritRise Music: The SpiritRise project came into being as I began writing sing-along songs specifically for new thought communities, creating CDs, lead sheets and other materials to facilitate community singing. This video library is an extension of the SpiritRise intention of providing ‘’Sunday songs for all week long!’’


In Harmony, 
Kim-Char Meredith


The usage of videos in this library will be licensed to this organization.
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